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EFAH hledá analyzátor/ku strategií

European Forum for the Arts and Heritage - EFAH hledá klíčového člena/členku své kanceláře, která je situovaná v Bruselu. Tato osoba by měla doplňovat pozici generálního sekretáře a poradce pro EU politiku a zaměřovat se na monitorování a analýzy kulturního sektoru. Přihlášky do 3. února 2006, pohovory 16. února 2006 v Bruselu.

Policy Analyst - European Forum for the Arts and Heritage - EFAH

Full-time - m/f

Start date: March 1st 2006.

The policy analyst is a key staff member in the EFAH office, located in Brussels.  He/She will play a complementary role to the Secretary-General, and EU policy advisor, with a key focus on policy monitoring and analysis for the cultural sector.  The policy focus covers all areas of EU legislation where culture may be involved, including, but not limited to EU cultural policy, foreign, educational, regional policy etc.,

Applications should have a university education, preferably with a cultural policy or political science background, be fluent in English and be computer literate.  Candidates should have an interest in cultural policy and European politics.  Experience of the independent cultural sector, the NGO sector and the EU advocacy environment would be an asset.

Analytic and strategic capacities and intercultural competence are expected.  Proven writing skills, an ability to assess academic texts, and some practical communications experience are required. The function demands irregular working hours and some travel.  French and Dutch language skills an advantage.

Salary starting from: 2500 eur (gross salary) - but subject to applicants profile and experience.  Initially a one-year appointment will be made, with possible extension.  Local Belgian employee status.

Please send applications addressed to Secretary General - Ilona Kish at:
Applications by post will not be accepted.

Deadline for applications:  Friday February 3rd 2006 5pm

Interviews with invited candidates will take place in Brussels on Thursday February 16th

EFAH was established in Brussels in 1992 as an independent international non-profit association.  EFAH is a membership organisation with over 80 European networks and cultural associations, which in turn represent many 1,000s of cultural organisations across Europe.  EFAH is an advocacy organisation working to put culture at the centre of European Policy making, and to raise awareness of the role that culture plays in European economic, social and civil life.  EFAH acts a voice for the cultural sector in civil society dialogue with the EU institutions and decision-makers.


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