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Loutkové divadlo z Nairobi

Loutkové divadlo z Nairobi (Keňa), které je již zkušené v mezinárodní spolupráci hledá partnery pro další projekty.


We are in the process of developing a professional puppet Theatre in Kenya. The first step into professional puppetry/ object/ figure theatre is to share experiences, learn from the existing professional companies and having joint projects with other professional companies. As a result of this I was invited as an intern by the IN THE HEART OF THE BEAST PUPPET AND MASK THEATRE (HOBT) in Minneapolis to participate in some of their major activities in March to May 2005.

Previous collaborations include:

Major Joint Artistic Project done

  • Puppetry (Sampo Theatre, Finland - 2004)
  • Object Theatre (Warner and Consorten Company, Netherlands/GoDown Art Centre, Kenya - 2003)
  • Folk Media (National project - UNICEF) - 1992 - 1993)
  • Edupuppets Festivals (Kenya - 2002/2004)
  • Object/Theatre project( Coatimundi, France - 1999 )


  • Performed and conducted workshops at the Festival Mundial in Tilburg, 2001
  • Participated and performed in the 2nd global forum on combating corruption and safeguarding integrity at The Hague, 2001
  • Carried a joint project entitled the Living Things with Warner and Consorten Company from Netherlands. The project focused on three major stages in theatrical production, Work shopping, devising, and performing. The performance was mounted in major venues in Kenya and in major festivals in Europe which were:
    • Uitmarkt festival Amsterdam
    • Limburg festival
    • Kwakoe festival
    • TheAateRfesTival Boulevard


  • Participated Network for Adolescent and Youth of Africa (NAYA) annual strategic planning and networking in Lagos, organized by Family Planning International Assistance, FPIA / Network for Adolescent and Youth of Africa (NAYA), 2002
  • Review progress made on NAYA country's position on adolescent reproductive health issues and policies, 2003


  • Participated/performed at the Limburg festival 2003


  • Participated /performed at the La STRADA in Graz 2003


  • Conducted workshops and performances on puppetry as a very effective medium of communication in Kenya in Helsinki, at the AFRICAN WEEK festival/exhibition, 2002


  • Facilitated Puppetry, participatory Education Theatre / Community Participatory Approaches training for Aktion Afrika Hilfe, e.V. and Institute for the Promotion of Civil Societies (IPCS) in Southern Sudan, 2004


Phylemon Odhiambo Okoth

(17.03.2005) ZDROJ: Theatre Without Borders
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