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Program pro umění a kulturu Open Society Insitutu hledá zástupce či zástupkyni ředitele

Kulturní program Open Society Insitutu hledá zástupce/zástupkyni ředitele pro zastoupení v Budapešti. Mezi zodpovědnosti zástupce/zástupkyně bude patřit například rozvoj programu umění a kultury, management a koordinace jednotlivých složek tohoto programu, hodnocení grantových žádostí, zpracovávání zpráv v anglickém jazyce a další. Mezi požadavky na pozici patří magisterský titul v oblasti humanitních věd nebo umění, minimálně pětiletá zkušenost s managementem neziskového sektoru, skvělá znalost angličtiny. Uzávěrka pro předložení nabídek je 7. března 2010.

OSI Arts and Culture Network Program (ACNP) seeks Deputy Program Director based in Budapest
ACNP’s Mission

ACNP contributes to OSI’s overall mission by drawing on the power of arts and culture to build and strengthen open societies in parts of the world where they are absent, weak, or endangered. ACNP’s geographic focus is primarily on the South Caucasus, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey. It is also engaged in supporting the artistic and cultural expression of Roma – an initiative centered in Eastern and Central Europe, the Balkans, and the Baltic states. ACNP administers an ongoing Grants Program with several different components, and is operationally involved in the development and execution of numerous partnership-based projects. ACNP’s strategy and tactics for supporting artistic and cultural development are shaped by the organizational mission of OSI as well as the social, cultural, and political context of the regions and nations where it carries out its work.

Base and Reporting
The Deputy Program Director is based at the OSI Budapest office and reports directly to the Program Director.

General Duties
The Deputy Program Director will maintain a broad overview of ACNP's program activities, and will assist the Program Director in managing, coordinating, developing, and reporting on relevant program areas. In the absence of the Program Director the Deputy Program Director will take full responsibility for the Program, its staff and its activities. The Deputy Program Director is expected to maintain an active and ongoing familiarity with current events in ACNP's regions of activity, particularly with regard to their impact on the arts and culture sector.

Specific Responsibilities

The Deputy Program Director will assist the Program Director in all areas of program management, and coordination, including but not limited to the following:

• Pro-active participation in shaping the efficient functioning of the program;
• Work on program development internally;
• Management and coordination of specific program components;
• Oversight and management of the work of staff members including interns, if available, and reporting to the Program Director on a regular basis;
• Writing comprehensive English-language reports such as project reports, trip reports, minutes, programmatic up-dates, assessment of staff performance, etc.;
• Comprehensive review and evaluation of grant proposals and grant reports;
• Oversight of the annual budget.

Qualifications, Skills and Qualities

• A university degree (MA) in the humanities or the arts;
• At least five years senior managerial working experience in the non-profit sector, preferably within an international organization related to arts and culture – candidates with academic background will also be considered;
• Excellent organizational, interpersonal and presentation skills, and attention to detail;
• Excellent communication skills, including excellent spoken and written English;
• Knowledge of Russian is an asset;
• Excellent word processing, database creation and management and basic accounting (spreadsheet) skills;
• Readiness to meet the challenges and special needs of working in a multinational and multicultural environment, and to travel extensively in the Program's target regions;
•Commitment to the mission of OSI and ACNP.

Please send applications in English, including a cover (motivation) letter and curriculum vitae, to

OSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer which supports diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation.
Deadline contact: March 7th, 2010
Open Society Institute
Arts and Culture Network Program
400 West 59th Street
NY 10019 New York
tel: 1-212-548-0600
fax: 1-212-548-4600

(18.02.2010) ZDROJ: Oepn Society Institute
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