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Pan European Art Laboratory v Krakove - workshop interpretace Camusova Cizince

Krakov, Polsko
Cílem divadelního 12ti denního workshopu, který se bude konat 12. -23. září 2004 v Krakově je vytvoření nové formy spolupráce mezi umělci „nové Evropy“ a umělci z pohraničních států (Moldavska, Běloruska, Ukrajiny). Úkolem umělců bude interpretovat dílo Cizinec (Outsider, A.Camus). Termín přihlášek je 30. června 2004.


The project is addressed to young artists of Central, Southern and Eastern Europe. It reflects practical implementation of recommendations elaborated during Moving Borders seminar which was a part of ECF Enlargement of Minds programme held in Villa Decius in Krakow in October 2003.


The aim of the project is to create a new model of artistic cooperation between the New Europe and the Beyond Borders Europe focusing on artists from Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.

The project will last 12-days.
The project will be a laboratory of theatre.

The artists will interpret Outsider phenomena:

  • in the context of local, regional and European environments
  • in the context of social issues of urban areas
  • on the level of individual and group experience
  • using various artistic tools and techniques


  • new platform of regional cultural cooperation will be established
  • individual artistic etudes on the theme of Outsider will be created
  • final presentation of Outsider will be based on collective creation experience and process
  • film documentary will be produced and will later be shown and discussed by the artists - participants in their home towns


The establishment of new European borders led to many social issues and problems which remained unknown until then. Isolation, feeling of rejection, lack of communication, anger and helplessness are the feelings which accompany everyday life of those Beyond Borders.
New wonderful world, open possibilities, looking towards happy future may overshadow human solidarity and inhibit artistic cooperation.
This is why artists from the European Union, the very new EU members and those “outside” the new EU borders are invited to participate.
The subject of the laboratory is heterogeneous artistic interpretation of the word Outsider in the philosophical, political, social, anthropological and cultural context.


Young artists from Eastern, Southern and Central European countries.
The artists engaged in solving social and community issues.
The artists acting in the field of theatre, performance and visual arts.

The choice of the participants will take place on an application basis.
The following criteria will be taken into account:
good command of English,
experience in group working,
skills and qualifications referring to the aims of the project,
artistic portfolio,
technical needs and requirements.

If you:

  • are innovative individual
  • are artist open for cooperation
  • create in the region and have sense of identity
  • are open-minded and creative
  • do not hesitate to cross barriers

Please fill in: application form



  1. The Stranger by Albert Camus will be the basis for the artistic interpretation. Read it again!
  2. Your artistic comment on the Outsider is required before the workshops (photographs, sounds, pictures, video documentation, texts or symbolic objects) and will later be used in the laboratory work and in final presentation.


  1. The Laboratory will be international workshops
  2. Techniques of drama and artistic animation will be used
  3. Short interactive lectures and discussions will be led by specialists and general meaning of the term Outsider will be transferred to a “small”, specific event, painting, symbol, behaviour, as seen through the eyes of the artists.
  4. Field trips and meetings with local community will be both confrontation and inspiration for development of the artistic idea
  5. Interpretation of Outsider will become both an individual (etude) and collective creation process (final presentation)
  6. The workshops and final presentation will be recorded and a documentary will be produced and sent to participants and sponsors


  1. Participants will disseminate film documentary of the Laboratory in their country, region and society.
  2. Project will also be presented in chosen cultural institutions in Europe as introductory material for the next editions

How much?

Organisers stand following costs:

  • workshops
  • agreed equipment and technical materials
  • accommodation and board
  • special events
  • local transport
  • visa

Participants cover:

  • expenses of transportation to and from Krakow
  • their own insurance


Poland, Krakow, Villa Decius (indoors and outdoors)


30 June 2004 – deadline for application
15 July 2004 – choice of participants
12-23 September 2004 – OUTSIDER – Pan European Art Laboratory

Anna Kowalska
Villa Decius Association
28 Lipca St. 17a, 30-233 Krakow, Poland
tel. +48 12 425-36-44 ext. 164
fax +48 12 425-36-63


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