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Film and Video Umbrella hledá on line projekty do £3,000

Londýn, Velká Británie  Organizace Film and Video Umbrella působící v oblasti médií již od 80 tých let hledá dva on line projekty s důrazem na inovaci a hravost, které je možné zrealizovat s rozpočtem do £3,000 včetně nákladů na honorář umělce/umělkyně. Formát a použitá média mohou být rozmanité od zvuku, přes pohyblivé obrazy, text, zátiší a další. Uzávěrka pro předkládání projektů je 14. července 2011. 
Film and Video Umbrella
Commissioning Opportunity
Call for proposals for web-based or online digital media projects
This is a call for proposals for web-based or online digital media projects to be commissioned and produced in collaboration with Film and Video Umbrella.

Context Film and Video Umbrella launched a series of web commissions in March 2011 with Babel Fiche by Dave Griffiths followed in May by Simon Faithfull’s Limbo. This strand of commissioning aims to utilise and engage with online platforms as sites for making, viewing and participating in contemporary art. Highlighting the collaborative, instantaneous and fluid nature of the internet and related platforms, these new commissions aim to engage with and explore the ever-evolving creative potential of online culture.

We are now looking to commission a further two new online commissions, with a focus on innovation, playfulness and impact. We are seeking proposals for online projects that can be made on a budget of up to £3,000 (including an artist’s fee).

We are open to suggestions for works in a variety of formats and media (sound, moving image, text, stills etc) that could be delivered across a range of platforms.

Proposals may approach the project in a number of ways, for example:

• The internet itself may be the subject of the work, or the content of the work might relate closely to the chosen delivery platform.

• An intervention within an established platform or user group, or an application that enables users to modify, generate or remix content and re-publish the outcomes.

• Projects may utilise existing online platforms such as social networking, file sharing or media streaming sites.

Guidelines for Submission

• Proposals must be for a new original idea conceived for the web or online digital media platform

• Proposed works should allow budget for any required technical support, such as specialist programming, rights clearances etc.

• Works already in development are of interest

• Works that have already attracted project partners or potential partners are of interest

To be eligible applicants must:

• Be a practicing artist, preferably with an established exhibition history of online digital media practice and/or moving-image work. Students are not eligible.

• Have completed and returned a monitoring form as part of their application

A proposal should respond to the call and consist of:

• A completed application form including monitoring form

• A short showreel or extract of previous work

• If appropriate, still images of previous work

• If appropriate, links to websites

Please note that we will not be able to return any submitted material.

Submit your application online or send/deliver your finished proposal to the postal address below.

Application deadline: 14/07/11 - 3 pm
Film and Video Umbrella
8 Vine Yard
SE1 1QL London
tel: 020 7407 7755
fax: 020 7407 7766
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