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Documentary Fund Sundance Institutu přijímá žádosti o grant ještě 10 dní

California, USA Cílem Documentary Fund Sundance Insitutu je podporovat americké a mezinárodní dokumentární filmy, které se zabývají problematikou lidských práv, svobody projevu, občanských svobod a zkoumáním klíčových témat současnosti. Granty jsou udělovány ve dvou kategoriích: "Development grant do 20.000 USD" podporují filmaře ve fázi přípravných prací na film. Druhou kategorií jsou tzv. "Production and Post-Production grants". Uzávěrka pro předkládání žádostí o grant je 9. února 2010.


STEP 1: Fill in online form and upload complete proposal document. Uploaded documents must be under 3 MB.

Full descriptions of proposal requirements are included here.

Proposals with missing elements will not be reviewed.

PLEASE NOTE: Completed proposals must be uploaded in a single PDF or Word file and saved as "Film Title_Director Last Name." Please DO NOT submit EPKs or loose documents. If you cannot upload a Word or PDF file, please alert DFP staff at Also send a hard copy of your completed proposal materials along with all DVD materials to our Los Angeles office. Please do not staple your proposal or use excessive bubble-wrap and packaging. Double-side printed applications are preferred.

Proposals are accepted in two categories:


Development grants are for research, development or pre-production, and range up to $20,000. Funding is generally considered for projects through pre-production that do not have a 20 minute reel. Trailers, teasers or short scenes are encouraged, yet optional. Development proposals must be able to convey the director's vision for a possible film.

Production & Post-Production:

Production & Post-production grants range from $25,000 and up. Production & Post-Production proposals require a minimum of a 20 minute work-in-progress reel. Full rough cuts up to 75 minutes are accepted. Rough cuts shorter than 20 minutes in length are rarely competitive against the longer cuts being submitted for grant consideration. The work-in-progress sample should NOT be an extended trailer or unedited rushes. It should give a feel for the film as you envision it.

Previously funded grantees are eligible to apply for Audience Engagement and Discretionary grants. Please contact Documentary Program staff ( directly to inquire about grant guidelines.

Online application requirements include:

  • Director/Producer current contact information (Including valid email address)
  • Summary of Film Details (Title, Log Line, Production Status)
  • Budget Summary Details (Total Budget, List of Confirmed Funding Sources)
  • Complete Film Proposal (including complete budget)*
  • *PDF or Word file only

Complete Film proposals MUST include:

  • Proposal Summary/Background on Topic
  • Narrative Synopsis
  • Status of Project / Timeline for production
  • Brief biographies of key creative personnel
  • Description of Visual Material
  • Distribution and Marketing Strategy
  • 1-2 Page Line Item Budget (Development through Distribution) in US Dollars. (You must include a line item budget even if your film is in early development. Proposals will not be reviewed without this element.)
  • Complete List of confirmed funding sources with amounts raised to date if any, Fundraising strategy
  • Outreach and Engagement Plan (If Applicable)
  • Interactive Elements (If Applicable)

Complete descriptions of the above requirements are included here.


STEP 2: After submitting your written proposal electronically, please print a copy of the receipt of proposal email for your records. Mail a hard copy of the written proposal (double-sided preferred) along with the cover sheet and DVD materials to our Los Angeles office.

Label all DVDs with proposal title, director and/or producer’s names, date, format, and total runtime.

NOTE: Please do not send more than one (1) directing sample. Submit DVDs in paper or plastic sleeves NOT jewel cases.

DVDs and proposal materials will not be returned.

Please mail one (1) copy of the written proposal and one (1) copy of each DVD sample to:

Sundance Documentary Fund
8530 Wilshire Blvd., Floor 3
Beverly Hills, CA 90211 USA

After you have submitted the online application you will receive an email to confirm your upload was successful. You will only be contacted again if an update on your proposal is needed.



The postmark deadline for all Spring 2010 applications is February 9, 2010. Announcements will be made in summer 2010.


Please email

Sundance Documentary Fund
Diane Weyermann
8530 Wilshire Blvd, 3rd Floor
CA 90211 Beverly Hills, California
tel: 310-360-1981
fax: +310-360-1969


(29.01.2010) ZDROJ:

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