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MoKS - Rezidenční pobyty v Centru pro umění a sociální praxi

Mooste, Estonsko
Estonské Centrum pro umění a sociální praxi (MoKS) nabízí jedno - až šestiměsíční rezidenční pobyty pro umělce všech oborů (výtvarné umění, performing arts, hudba, kritika...). Organizace neposkytuje stravu a cestovné. Mooste je vesnice s přibližně 500 obyvateli na jihovýchodě Estonska, vzdálená 40 km od druhého největšího estonského města Tartu. MoKS je malá organizace vedená umělci. Termín zaslání přihlášek je 15. září 2006.

MoKS is a small artist-run oranization in south-east Estonia.

The main activities include:

Artist-in-Residence program
Summer Art Symposium
Holding workshops for artists and youth
organizing art events in Estonia and abroad

With its diverse approach and open atmosphere, MoKS holds a unique position within the Estonian and greater European cultural context.

Artists are expected to find their own means for travel and per diem for living/insurance costs for the residency. MoKS can help with some materials and special tools on previous mutual agreement. Assistance with making contacts to Estonian galleries, curators and art schools is also possible. MoKS appreciates artworks donated by the resident artists for its collection.

Studio Space
The main studio space (41m2) is furnished and heated by a wood stove (electric heaters can be added if necessary). There is a bedroom (17m2), kitchen and bathroom supplied with mattresses, bed linen, blankets, towels, cooking utensils and washing machine. The artist in residence stays in the bedroom and has access to the kitchen, studio space, media lab, and bathroom. Occasional events such as workshops or the annual PostsovkhoZ summer event may require the resident artist to temporarily share the facilities (artists will be notified of the conditions previous to arrival). All the rooms have internet access (wireless and wired). Medialab facilities include: miniDV camera, P4 computer with digital video and sound editing possibilities, TV and DVD/VHS player, and stereo sound system.

MoKS is spacious, comfortable and quiet which allows for a concentrated working atmosphere although climate conditions in Estonia vary throughout the year. During the colder months the resident artist should be prepared to handle the conditions (bring warm clothes). As guests are expected to be independent, basic tasks such as building fires to heat the stoves, cooking and shopping will become part of the daily routine.

What's in Mooste?
In the village of Mooste (approx. 500 people) there are 2 small food shops, and a first aid clinic. It is possible to use the village sauna and library. There are daily bus connections to Tartu (40 km to the north, the second biggest town in Estonia) and Tallinn where other shops and services can be found.

How to Apply
Please download and complete the residency application form.
On a separate sheet of paper briefly describe your reasons for coming to Mooste and intended goals for the residency period

Application deadline for the 2007 residency period is September 15th, 2006 (post marked).

Contact and address where to send the application materials:

Mooste 64601
Põlva maakond

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