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Rezidence na ostrově Honshu pro experimentování

Yamaguchi, Japonsko
Rezidenční program určený mladým umělcům a umělkyním zaměřený na podporu experimentálních uměleckých aktivit, které jsou mezioborové a mezinárodní. Pobyt je vypisován na období 70 dní s počátkem v lednu 2012. Pobyt bude probíhat v umělecké vesnici Akioshidai, která se nachází v blízkosti stejnojmenného národního parku na ostrove Honshu. Uzávěrka pro předložení žádostí je 1. srpna 2011.

Trans is a prefix which means to go beyond, get across, cross, exchange, change and convert. The Residence Program provides a time and place for artists to experience new encounters and carry out experiments for their future projects. Participating artists are expected to bring new ideas to the local culture and people while they, in turn, will acquire new views through new encounters. As a result of the residence program, the artists will convey their new experiences, from the local’s vernacular lifestyle to its peculiar geographic conditions, to their next destination. We hope that the residence program at Akiyoshidai International Art Village becomes a space for artists to go beyond cultural borders, exchange their unique perspectives and establish relationships with fellow artists.

The aim of the Residence Support Program is to support young artists’ experimental artistic activities, crossing the borders of art disciplines and nationalities. The artists will be carefully selected by the Selection Committee of the Residence Program of Akiyoshidai International Art Village. During the residency period, artists will create new ideas and works in collaboration with AIAV curatorial staff. We strongly hope that selected artists will actively communicate with local people in Yamaguchi, participate in different projects, including workshops, lectures, school visits to exhibitions.

Residency period
12 January - 22 March, 2012 [70days]

Number of artists accepted
2 artists of any nationality living outside Japan, 1 artist living in Japan or living abroad with Japanese nationality
*Groups of 2 artists may apply, but no larger
*Artists cannot be accompanied by anyone including family and collaborator.

Eligible applicants

Artists who are able
- to stay at AIAV for the designated period of time.
- to produce results of his or her residence activities, e.g. exhibitions, performances, concerts or presentations (Exhibition: 3 – 18 March, 2012)
- to communicate with local people and participate in the exchange program, e.g. talks, lectures and workshops in English.
- to provide materials for publicity and archiving in accordance with AIAV’s requirement
- to participate in education programs at local school and university

- Travel expenses: round trip from your address to AIAV (international flight tickets should be return: single tickets cannot be accepted)
- Accommodation at AIAV
- Studio (there are various types of studios: the allocation of studio is decided by AIAV)
- Production expenses = 230,000 yen (individual/group)
- Per diem = 2,800yen × day
- Insurance (only basic injury or illness will be covered, therefore, it is advisable to have your own insurance)

How to apply
- Applicants should fill in all the required fields in the application form (photocopies or other formats are also accepted).
- Submit your CV in English (typed) and portfolio with descriptions of each work.
- Submit your Artist Statement (typed and in not more than 250 words).
- If you have publications, articles and reviews on your work, you may attach them.
*None of the items you submit can be returned.
*We will not accept applications via e-mail.
*Submitted information is only used for selection and not for any other purpose.

Deadline: 1 August 2011

Applications must be received by the deadline.
*We will not accept applications via e-mail.
*Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.
*Applications will not be accepted if there is any deficiency or if required information is missing.


Applications & inquiries should be addressed to
Akiyoshidai International Art Village Residence Program
50 Akiyoshi, Shuho-cho, Mine-shi, Yamaguchi 754-0511 JAPAN
TEL +81-(0)837-63-0020 FAX +81-(0)837-63-0021
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