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Rezidenční pobyt na zámku Balmoral

Bad Ems, Německo
Mezinárodního rezidenčního programu na zámku Balmoral se mohou zúčastnit umělci z celého světa, jakéhokoli věku, kteří působí v následujících disciplinách; malba, socha, instalace, kresba, tisk, design, fotografie, video, nová média a landart. Podmínkou k účasti je dokončený magisterský kurz studia umění a minimálně tříleté umělecké působení. Rezidenční pobyt je otevřen  také pro autodidakty, kteří za sebou mají výraznou uměleckou činnost. Vzhledem k tomu, že součástí pobytu je posilování dialogu a mezioborové spolupráce v oblasti umění, je podmínkou také znalost němčiny, angličtiny či francouzštiny. Uzávěrka pro předložení žádostí je 18. června 2009.

International Residence Scholarships at the Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral

Aims and objectives
Artists’ residence Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral in Bad Ems, Foundation for Culture of Rhineland-Palatinate, which was founded in 1995, is a place of reflection, artistic production, discussion and meeting. It supports visual artists from the disciplines of painting, sculpture, installation, drawing, graphic arts, design, photography, video as well as from new media art and landscape art from all over the world by awarding artists-in-Residence scholarships.
The Künstlerhaus is publicly presented through lectures, concerts and exhibitions. Works by the scholarship holders are regularly shown in a relaxed atmosphere.
The Künstlerhaus perceives itself as an intersection between the different kinds of art media and theoretical reflection but also as an intermediary between current and former scholarship holders. Balmoral intends to build a bridge between the artists' present and their future.

An exceptional offer for visual artistis in Balmoralfor is offerd by developped Baukeramik Ebinger (architectural ceramics), which produced tiles for the internationally known artist Hundertwasser. This company has opened its workshop for the Balmoral scholarship holder thus giving them the possibility to experimentalise with the material of ceramic. Prior knowledge is not mandatory. The artists will be supervised by the company's staff. More information

Eligible to apply for a Balmoral Scholarship are international artists of any age from the disciplines of painting, sculpture, installation, drawing, printmaking, design, photography, video, new media, and landscape art. In view of the participation of Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral at the Federal Horticultural Show 2011, we highly apreciate applications from artists from the discipline "land art".

The preconditions are a completed course of study in art (M.F.A.) and three years of continuous artistic work after the conclusion of studies until the beginning of the fellowship. Applications are also possible for autodidacts distinguished by special artistic achievements, as documented by exhibitions and prizes.

To foster artistic dialog and interdisciplinary collaboration, knowledge of German, English, or French is expected.

Benefits amd requirements

Balmoral Scholarships are awarded for the period of six months. They are endowed with 1,200 euros a month.
The yearly term of residence begins in April. The Balmoral Scholarships are an attendance scholarships. One of the conditions is that holders spend at least two thirds of the period stated at Balmoral. All artists invited will have their registered secondary residence in Bad Ems for the time of their stay (compulsory registration).

The scholarship holders dispose of a furnished living/bedroom with shower/WC and a studio including electricity, water and heating. Each apartment is equipped with an individual telephone and internet access. If required, the room is also wired up for radio and television. Due to the historical condition of the building, the apartments and studios in terms of their size and equipment are normally only suitable for one single person.
The lounge, the dining room and the kitchen are for joint use.
Pets are not admitted.

The scholarship holders can make use of the in-house facilities for free, especially of the
• wood and metal workshop
• photo laboratory for b/w prints of 60 x 70 cm
• video laboratory Windows XP Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro (in German and English) + Avid Express (in English), DVD writer, video-edit recorder
• library and reading room with approx. 5,500 books, particularly on modern and contemporary art and the most important art magazines.

Together with the scholarship acceptance, the applicant will receive an agreement concluded with the Künstlerhaus and the house rules. After the signing of the contract by the scholarship holder, the scholarship is regarded as legally granted.

Scholarship holders are required to write a report about their stay afterwards.

Selection procedure
The selection committee normally consists of one chairperson and seven members of the jury who are expert representatives of the following professional groups:

• an art critic
• a museum director or curator
• a representative of the studies of Fine Arts from a university or an art academy
• a member of the artists associations in the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate
• a visual artist
• the director of Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral
• an artistic adviser
• the desk officer of the Ministry for Education, Science, Youth and Culture of the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz

New members of the jury are nominated on a rotational basis at 12- to 24-month intervals.

The members of the jury make their choice according to the quality of the work samples applicants have to hand in together with their application. (For more details see Application documents).

Application procedure

All scholarships are announced publicly.
Double applications to the Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral and the Ministry for Education, Science, Youth and Culture of the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate are not acceptable.

The decision on the award of the scholarships will be made by a panel of experts in consideration of the applicants’ capability of further developing their artistic work (see selection procedure).
There is no legal claim to obtaining a scholarship.
The applicants will not receive any reasons in writing for the decision made on the awarding of the scholarships, but will be informed of the result.

Applicants who were not accepted may apply again for a maximum of two further awards.

The awarding of a scholarship from Balmoral or the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate excludes further applications in the following five years. An application will not be accepted if the same scholarship has already been awarded to that candidate.

Application documents

For all scholarships offered the following documents have to be submitted in German, English or French:

- two passport photos
- a CV including your artistic career history and previous grants
- a statement of reasons why you have chosen this scholarship and an illustration of your objectives during your intended residence (maximum one A4 page).
- at least 10, but not more than 20 photos or other images of your artistic works (no slides, no photo CDs, no MAC data CDs), A4 size incl. passepartout
- explanations to the submitted works, one A4 page maximum (optional)
- at most three exhibition catalogues (collective catalogues only if your works cannot be presented in a different way)
- at most three video cassettes (VHS) or DVDs, each recording no longer than 15 min.
The application materials should not exceed a total weight of 2 kg incl. packing.

Please, only use the application form (pdf download).
Please do not hand in any originals. Point out in your application which of the scholarships posted you intend to apply for.

Send your application to:

Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral
Villenpromenade 11
D-56130 Bad Ems

Closing Date
The closing date is July 18th 2009 (date of the postmark).


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