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Rezidenční pobyt ve finské vesnici umělců

Fiskars, Finsko Vesnice Fiskars nedaleko Helsinek, kde v současnosti žije 109 uměleckých profesionálů, vypisuje rezidenční pobyt pro zahraniční umělce. O rezidenční pobyt se mohou ucházet designéři, umělci a řemeslníci ale také kulturní redaktoři, spisovatelé či vědci. Rezidenční pobyt zahrnuje ateliérový prostor s telefonem a internetovým připojením. Další náklady včetně materiálových a cestovních výdajů si rezidenti hradí sami. Uzávěrka přihlášek je 30. září 2009.
Fiskars village is situated approximately 90 km west of Helsinki, in the municipality of Pohja/Pojo. The Artisans, Designers and Artists Cooperative of Fiskars has been active from 1996, and today the community has 104 members, representing over 20 different arts, design and crafts professions. The Fiskars Artist Residency was founded in early 2006. Professional overseas (i.e. non Finnish-resident) craftspeople, designers and artists may apply for the residency. Cultural journalists, writers and scientists may also be considered.

Fiskars Company has renovated the Fiskars Artist Residency house, which has two apartments (one for each artist):

• The smaller studio houses 1-2 persons and has a large, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and living room with sleeping alcove.
• The larger apartment, with accomodation for 1-4 persons, has a large fully equipped kitchen, living room, bathroom, workroom and bedroom.

Neither pets nor smoking are permitted inside the building. For large-scale work there is a suitable space with running water in the basement. Whilst no equipment or tools are supplied at the house, other spaces and/or equipment may be rented in Fiskars. Please note, however, that the cost of these facilities must be paid by the resident artist and all contacts/agreements are made by the artist her/himself. Whilst no computer or television is available, a mobile phone and a cordless broadband internet connection is provided at the house. Outgoing phone calls are payed by the artist. Resident artists do not pay for the apartment in Fiskars, but must finance their own travel to/from the village. The resident will also provide her/his own food and other daily requirements, including working material. Fiskars AIR do NOT offer any funding for travel, material or living expenses. Resident artists will be required to pay a 100 € cash deposit upon arrival, returnable on the day of departure following a final check of the apartment (all items should be intact and the apartment cleaned).

The Fiskars Artist Residency is available year-round with the following residency periods:
• 1. January - 31. March
• 1. April - 31. May
• 1. June - 31. July
• 1. August - 30. September
• 1. October - 31. December

It is our wish that the resident artist presents him/herself in some way to the members of our co-operative during his/her stay, in the interests of forging contacts and to give our guest the opportunity to learn how we operate. If the resident artist is interested, his/her visit may be connected to some of the co-operative’s activities, i.e. collaboration with co-operative members, participation in the co-operative’s exhibitions, or other projects. We would also welcome lectures and/or workshops given by the resident artist.

Application instructions

Artists in Residents are selected once a year on the basis of applications. The selection is made by an appointed Residency Committee. Applications should include the following:

• A completed application form.
• A current curriculum vitae or professional resumé.
• A project description for your residency period, lenght max one (1) A4 or US Letter. Please write as shortly and concrete as possible.
• Five (5) work samples in A4 or US letter format i.e. photos or prints of work. If the application contains more samples, five (5) samples will be selected out by the residence coordinator before viewing.
• Digital work samples are NOT accepted unless you are a media artist. Media artists may send one (1) CD or DVD.
Applications sent through e-mail are not accepted.
Application form
Deadline: 30/09/09
Onoma, Residency Committee
The Artisans, Designers and Artists of Fiskars Coo
Clock Tower Building
10470 Fiskars
phone: +358 19 2777 500
fax: +358 (0)19 2777501,
(25.08.2009) ZDROJ:
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