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Rezidenční pobyty v Thajsku 2006-2007

ComPeung, Thajsko
Minimálně jednoměsíční rezidenční pobyty v thajské "kreativní vesnici" jsou koncipovány jako program pro místní a mezinárodní umělce. Cílem je soustředit umělce ke společné práci a životu v základních životních podmínkách a to společně s pořádajícím týmem a místní komunitou. Zájemci mohou zaslat svůj předběžný projekt 2 měsíce předem. Organizátoři předpokládají, že pobyt v Thajsku poskytne hravý kontext pro diskuze, experimenty a učení. K dispozici nebudou žádné bary, pohodlné postele ani televize, pouze nutnosti pro život v tropech jako je síť proti komárům, tekoucí voda, elektřina a produkty místního trhu, včetně thajské pohostinnosti.

Village of Creativity
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Call for applications
Artist in Residence Program 2006 
Venue: ComPeung, Thailand
When: 2006 - 2007
Please send application 2 months in advance
Ong (English) /
Som (German) /
c/o PO Box 27 Doi Saket Post Office
Chiang Mai, Thailand 50220
Tel. +66 9 952 2605

Artist in Residence Program

Designed as a program for local and international artist(s) to live and work together with our team and other artists-in-residence. Candidates will be encouraged to apply by providing the program with a preliminary proposal of his/her art work/project with an understanding that the project will evolve in its application in the future.

By living and working in basic living conditions with our team, local communities and the other artists we hope to open the resident to an exchange of new experiences and possibilities. We hope that ComPeung will evoke alternative playful contexts for discussion, experimentation and learning.  As a result, it will develop and expand a network of artists and art organizations on local, regional and international levels.

No fancy cocktail bars, king-sized beds or cable TV here! We provide the basic necessities of living in a rural, tropical area such as mosquito nets, running water, electricity and fresh produce from the local market. By providing meals, accommodation and studio spaces, our team will maintain a level of comfort and renowned Thai hospitality. As we are a modest self-sustainable non-profit organization, residents will be asked to participate in the maintenance of the site (such as cooking and cleaning) with our team. Such a practice also propagates our idea of finding inspiration in daily, lived experience.

Discipline(s) and media (non-exhaustive list): Visual Arts, Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Performance Arts, Literature, Music
Duration of residency: 1 month minimum. Longer residencies to be negotiated depending on the nature of the project.
Expenses paid by artists: Airfare, transportation, health insurance, residency fee (THB20,000 or US$500 per month)* , living expenses or any other expenses to create artwork(s) and/or project(s).
Grants: We can help the candidate research and apply for grants in order to cover the above expenses.
Allowance granted to artists: There is no other financial support available.
Note: Residency fee will support maintenance of the space, the living of our team members and hopefully will become grants in the near future. Fee covering the cost accommodation, studio, transportation to/from Chiang Mai International airport, local tours, bicycle and some basic meals.

Conditions of the space

   1. Approximate area of 6.4 sq. km. near natural fishing lakes, forest and mountains.
   2. 3 - 6 Small earthen houses with a basic bedroom and an attached studio and a bathroom.*
   3. 1 Shared kitchen.
   4. 1 Shared open-air bathroom
   5. 1 Shared toilet
   6. Running water
   7. 220 volt electricity
   8. Mobile phone is available.
      Note: *under construction


Applications: who/how
All participants play an important role here as we have to help one other maintain the space. However, ComPeung is a space for people who have serious visions and questions about the creative process. If you are simply looking for a short holiday, this is not the place for you. As a small organization with limited facilities, we cannot be responsible for more than 3 artists at once. However, we hope to provide more space and opportunities for artists in the near future. All applicants should submit all required documents (see below).

Deadline: There is no deadline. Please send your application 2 months in advance
Required Documents:
1. Application (download PC / download MAC)
2. 1 passport photo
3. Curriculum Vitae (2 pages A4)
4. Artist Statement. (max. 250 words)
5. CD-Rom of 10 - 20 images (300 dpi), sound, video/animation files and/or PowerPoint file edited up to 20 min. max. in PAL format. All files must be saved in PC compatible formats. Please attach all the word documents (except application form) in a separated folder and save in the same CD.
6. Other possible attached materials: VSH video tape (PAL), printed pictures, catalogues, press clippings, books.
Note: Applying on line is NOT acceptable

Please send your materials to:
P.O. Box 27 Doi Saket Post Office, Doi Saket,
Chiang Mai, Thailand 50220

(23.08.2006) ZDROJ: On the move

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