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Call for photographers. Photo Salon Siberia 2004

Novosibirsk, Rusko
Pozvánka k účasti na třetí bienále - Mezinárodní fotografický salon SIBERIA 2004 v Novosibirsku, které pořádá redakce časopisu PHOTO Siberian Success v dubnu. Termín pro zaslání přihlášek 1. března 2004

We invite you to participate in the Siberia 2004 International Photo Salon in April, 2004 in Novosibirsk. The biennale organized by the editorial staff of the PHOTO Siberian Success magazine is to be held for the third time. The geography of participants has greatly expanded since the first Siberia 2000 Salon (22 countries sent nearly 5,000 entries for the contest in 2002), this year a new category - Photojournalism - has been added. There are no limitations on the subject. Both professional photographers and amateurs are invited. Only prints are accepted for the contest. About 500 entries will be included in the final display to be open in the Novosibirsk Regional Studies Museum on April 20, 2004.

A full color catalogue including the photographs of all the participants of the final display will be published. If you are interested in taking part in our Photo Salon please write to us and we will e-mail or send you by regular mail an entry form (Word, 150 KB, or other format).

Detailed information on our magazine and Photo Salon (only in Russian so far) is available at our web-site:
You can also download an entry form for participation in the contest here.

Best wishes of success and prosperity.
We look forward to seeing your entries in exhibition participants collection.

Ekaterina Riedel,
chief Editor of "PHOTO Siberian Success"


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