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HIGH FEST 2004 - Mezinárodní divadelní festival,

Jerevan (Arménie)
High Fest 2004 přijímá do 15. března 2004 projekty a přihlášky pro svůj druhý ročník, který je plánovaný v říjnu tohoto roku. Prvního ročníku se z ČR úspěšně zúčastnil Theatr Novogo Fronta a Vojta Švejda z pražského divadla Alfred ve dvoře.

“HIGH FEST” International Theatre Festival
October 2004 / Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Second edition

In Armenia theatre traditions are coming from centuries. First amphitheatre in Armenia was created in first century BC in the ancient town Artashat. There are numerous mentions about Armenian theatre in ancient and medieval manuscripts.

This all is fabulous. And we, theatre practitioners of the present Armenia, must cultivate and promote the huge heritage and history our theatre.

Why High Fest? In Armenian language “high” means, just Armenian. So this is Armenian-High event.
In 2003 we successfully organized and carried out the first edition of HIGH FEST International Theatre Festival. 25 theatres from 10 countries: UK, Sweden, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Georgia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Israel, and of course Armenia took part at the “HIGH FEST”.

Being enriched with the previous experience we hope to organize a Festival, which would surpass the first edition in many ways.Special Programs of HIGH FEST 2004: Program for children and Program of student performances. So we welcome participation of theatre companies performing for children, as well as performances presented by student groups (not exceeding 5-7 person).



The main goal of the festival is the promotion of Worldwide Theatre in Armenia and Armenian Theatre in other countries in the world.

  • Bringing to Yerevan the best and most innovative of small-scale performances, of any styles and genres;
  • Creating an information bank;
  • Providing an exchange of ideas and experience;
  • Promoting regional and international cooperation in Art;
  • Supporting experimental creative initiatives;
  • Looking for innovative forms of theatre works;
  • Providing mobility and professional contacts;
  • Exposing new faces of actors;
  • Increasing professional diversity;
  • Spreading information and contact network among theatre fellows


General Presentation

The selection for the festival is based mainly on the following criteria:

  • Shows of the highest quality and professionalism;
  • Shows of the different types of theatre: drama, music, movement, dance, choreography, puppets-marionettes, one-man show, etc / not exceeding 5-7 person
  • Companies happy to take part in workshops, meetings and discussions;
  • Companies happy to work together with the festival organizers to make things possible;

The season

  • Each company (or part of the company) will actively participate in workshops, master classes and meetings with worldwide leading theatre practitioners;
  • Each company will be able to see the work of other invited artists and to make new contacts.


Application form
1. Full name of the theatre / company’s history;
2. City / Country;
3. Performance title, short description and tour history;
4. Genre, number of acts;
5. Director, artist;
6. Characters and actors (program of the performance enclosed on the separate sheet);
7. List of previous festivals theatre participated at;
8. Number of arriving people (actors and others);
9. Duration of the play;
10. Weight of decorations, need in transport;
11. Technical conditions necessary for the show;
12. Information (address, fax, telephone, Email). Contact person
We will be welcoming projects information pack, photos and video (essential) until March 15 2004. The pack will not be returned. A first selection will be established and the selected companies will be asked to send more information and confirm their availability.


The conditions

The Organizing Committee does not cover visa and travel expenses, but will cover the following:

  • Accommodation and meals;
  • Technical and administrative costs;
  • Press, marketing and publicity costs;
  • Travel in Yerevan and tour to sightseeing;
  • Prizes and souvenirs.



  • Armenian Actors Union
  • SCF/BCCP (Sticting Caucasus Foundation -The Netherlands/ Bureau for Caucasian Cultural Programmes - Armenia)
  • “Alfael” Producing Centre


Contact us at:

We would like to inform you that we have changed our contact information.
Please refer to our new address at:

SCF/BCCP- Armenia
HIGH FEST International Theatre Festival
26 Amiryan Str., State Institute of Theatre and Cinema
Yerevan 375002, Armenia
Tel/Fax: (374 1) 53 62 33
Mobile:(374 9) 42 18 22
Web site:

Contact person: Lilit Galustyan (Festival coordinator)


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