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L'Oreal Art and Science Foundation, L'Oreal Art and Science of Color Prize

Udílí ceny za díla, ve kterých se originálním způsobem střetává věda, umění a barvy. Termín 31.března 2004.

Our prize is presented for a particular piece of work that has successfully achieved a fresh and original meeting between science and art in color.

It can be a single work of art, a research paper, or a series of artworks or research papers that have been produced under the same subject or project. Other pieces of work can be attached to the main artwork or research paper as related reference materials.

  1. Gold Prize
    The Gold Prize is presented to one person or one group and carries with it an award of Euro 30,000.
  2. Silver Prize
    The Silver Prize is presented to one person or one group and carries with it an award of Euro 20,000.
  3. Bronze Prize
    The Bronze Prize is presented to one person or one group and carries with it an award of Euro 10,000. All winners will be invited to the award ceremony to be held in the autumn of 2004 in Tokyo.


How to apply

The language is English.
Following documents have to be sent to our Foundation:

  1. Application form (10 copies)
  2. Curriculum vitae with a list of your achievements (10 copies)
    Please attach a passport-sized photo of yourself to each copy.
  3. Explanation of your work (research paper or artwork)
    (Within 1,500 words) (10 copies)
  4. Copies that plainly show the contents of your work [an offprint of a paper, a collection of papers, a publication(s), a photograph(s), a slide(s), a CD-ROM(s), and a VHS video cassette(s)] (10 copies each).

Documents related to items from (1) to (3) can be submitted via e-mail. In the case, you do not have to send them 10 copies, 1 of each is sufficient. However, you are requested to send 10 copies of materials related to (4) by mail or a delivery service.
(The receipt of a homepage address will not be accepted as a formal entry.)

L'Oreal Art and Science Foundation
Ms. Watanabe
5-5, Tokodai, Tsukuba
300-2635 Ibaraki
tel: +81-29-847-7983
fax: +81-29-847-7985


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