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Kulturní management pro nezávislé umění, kulturní centra, projekty a networky

Možnost zúčastnit se 4denního workshopu / laboratoře pro umělce, aktivisty a kulturní managery pod vedením Giepa Hagoorta nabízí o.s. Klášter Bechyně. Profesor Hagoort je výzkumník a předseda Centra pro umění a ekonomiku při Utrecht School of the Arts v Holandsku. Akce proběhne ve dnech 29. září až 2. října 2005 a přihlásit se je možno do 24. července 2005.

Pozvánka na dílnu festivalu událostí Včas

Cultural management for Independent art and cultural centers, projects and networks

Interactive art management

4 day workshop/laboratory for artists, activists, cultural managers...
with Prof. Giep Hagoort - researcher and chairman of Center for Art & Economy of the Utrecht School of the Arts, The Netherlands

29. 9. - 2. 10. 2005

Monastery Bechyne, Czech Republic, part of the "On-time" festival

In the 21st century, there is an enormous need worldwide for a basic knowledge of management in the cultural sector. This knowledge fills the existing gap between general management theory and cultural praxis. It helps students, teachers, artists and practical art managers in translating management theory into successful cultural organizations. Intercultural network competences will be the key to the survival of artistic workers and art managers in a cultural Global Village that will be dominated by the digital revolution and artainment in a diversified context. (excerpts from Art Management Entrepreneurial Style)

Context of the workshop

The recent development for cultural and artistic bodies in the "new" socio-economic climate, the meaning of membership in the EU and other factors are increasingly essential to be dealt with when successfully managing cultural projects. It is pertinent to be well equipped with knowledge and the appropriate tools, as well as being well connected with like-minded cultural organization.

Prof. Giep Hagoort will introduce "interactive art management" as an increasingly important and necessary method, approach and tool, and suggest ways for its successful implementation. Among the core issues that will be reflected upon are cultural leadership, teamwork, strategy development etc., as well as the differences in the implementation of models for cultural management in the West as opposed to Central and Eastern Europe. He will examine the role of cultural entrepreneurs, that hold the key to the future in culture, and the need for Intercultural Network Organizations, that are essential to meet the challenges for the cultural, non-profit sector.

Workshop goals

To enable and stimulate the exchange of experiences between people who are active in the cultural sphere from the non-governmental sector, and who work with international co-productions, and/or in interdisciplinary projects.
To explore the practical implementation of the interactive art management with focus on practical projects and issues.
To discuss and explore the different models for implementing cultural management in the "West! versus Central and Eastern Europe. To reflect on specific situation in Central and Eastern Europe (such as the changes in society as in cultural policy after the entrance into the EU). To compare functional models and experiences from the West with Central and Eastern European perspectives.
To discuss perceptible chances, future challenges and visions for the cultural, non-profit sector. In this context, we will examine the notion of an European cultural "creative landscape".

The content, course and outcome of the workshop

This workshop aims at focusing on practical experiences and visions of the participants', in creative confrontation with Prof. Giep Hagoort from Utrecht School van den Kunsten, The Netherlands, a renown specialist in this field.

The participants are encouraged to co-create the specific learning process within this interactive workshop. Therefore, participants are expected to send a description of their project, either as concept or in development and/or to articulate their specific interests, needs and “hot" topics prior to the workshop.

Some projects will be chosen as case studies and will be presented, examined, analyzed and discussed. In this way, real situations are being worked on, reflecting the specific needs of the participants. Through this framework, different experiences will be shared and compared, questions raised and possible answers developed.

Through the presentation of the participants' projects, feedback is being provided not only from a renowned specialist as well as from the other participants. This "group brainstorming" creates an unique occasion for self- reflection and re-evaluation of the participant's approaches, attitudes, weak and strong points, allowing for fresh views and the development of realistic strategies for the management of a successful project.

Prof. Giep Hagoort will lecture and animate this workshop/laboratory and will bring qualified expertise of "Interactive art management" and "cultural entrepreneurship" as a theoretical framework for cultural (art) management strategies, international collaboration and exploration of practical possibilities of "survival" and sustainable development of ("independent") cultural organizations and projects. Analysis of their driving forces, their needs and conditions under which they survive, their strategies, successes and failures will be an important part of the discussions.

Language: English

more info + application deadline + contact:

Submit the application until the July 24th, 2005
We will give you an answer by email by July 30th, 2005.

Participants are highly encouraged to suggest topics and directions of discussion!!

Please send the applications to
Please attach a short CV and motivation letter, as well as any informations or description of your own work that you would like us to take into consideration.


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