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ARTIST IN MOVEMENT (AIM) hledá partnery

Vídeň (Rakousko)

Kforumvienna Association připravuje projekt Artists in Movement (AIM), který bude propagovat a podporovat mobilitu mladých umělců a kulturních manažerů.
Projekt v současnosti hledá partnery a sponzory.

Artists in Movement (AIM) searching partners

It is important for artists to constantly broaden their horizon and to develop alternative perspectives, even on everyday occurrences. Therefore they need new impressions as well as contact to a group of people with common interests to communicate with. However, young, unrenowned artists are usually not very well-heeled and do not have the opportunity to travel in order to establish a dialogue with different artists or cultures.

Promoting the mobility of young artists and cultural managers represents a new area of involvement of Kforumvienna Association, aimed at responding to the increasing need of mobility of young creators, since it represents an essential experience that would allow them to enlarge and enrich their artistic references, to get in contact with the present artistic challenges in other countries and other disciplines.

The project "Artists in Movement" will try to improve the artists mobility, by connecting them to an international network of other artists who provide accommodation. Thus he/she does not only save the expenses of the stay, but with their host the traveler also has an immediate connection to the cultural infrastructure of the destination.

The artist can check online where and under what conditions another artist offers a room. To do so he/she has to be a registered member of the network and has to be willing to host travelers himself. There is no obligation to accommodate a guest for more than two or three days; arrangements for longer stay have to be discussed with the host.

This project will grant the participating artists access to an incredible mobility and strengthen the international art community.

AIM has been introduced to the public this November at the exhibition"MITEIN_ANDERS - Union and Separation".

The project is from now on searching partners and sponsors. Please contact us for more information.


Projektmanagement Jessica Wyschka
Kforumvienna association for contemporary art and cultural contact
Ullmannstrasse 55/18
A-1150 Wien


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