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Cena Inge Morath pro dokumentární fotografky do 30 let

Nadace Magnum a nadace Inge Morath vyhlašují jedenáctý ročník Ceny Inge Morath. Cena $5,000 bude udělena dokumentární fotografce do 30 let na dokončení fotografického projektu, na kterém dlouhodobě pracuje. Uzávěrka pro předkládání projektů je 30. dubna 2012.

Magnum Foundation and Inge Morath Foundation

Inge Morath Award
Call for women documentary photographers
The Magnum Foundation and the Inge Morath Foundation announce the 11th annual Inge Morath Award. The annual award of $5,000 is awarded by the Magnum Foundation to a female photographer under the age of 30, to support the completion of a long-term documentary project. One award winner and up to two finalists are selected by a jury composed of Magnum photographers and the director of the Inge Morath Foundation.

Form of Submission:

- Images should be sent as a PDF document only
- The first image of your PDF should show your name and the title of your project.
- Please do NOT format your document as a slideshow; we’ll do that for you. Also, please do not password-protect your file.
- A folder with the individual image files (JPEGs) must accompany the PDF file.
- All submissions must consist of work done solely by the submitting photographer.
- Photographers represented by Magnum Photos and their immediate relatives are not eligible.

Required Support Material:
- Project description. This should describe the project and how the Award will be used to complete work on the project.
- Curriculum Vitae (maximum three pages) including name, email address, telephone number, and mailing address.
- Photocopy or scan of ID clearly showing date of birth. All applicants must be under the age of 30 on April 30th, 2012.

Image File Specifications:
- 40 – 60 images (1200 pixels on the longest side @ 150 DPI saved as a JPEG compression at 8 minimum).
- In the folder containing individual images, please use numbered filenames indicating the image sequence, with the number coming first in the file name and then last name; for example: 01_Smith, 02_Smith, 03_Smith etc. (use only two digit numbers; 01, 02, 03, etc.).
- Please label your CD with your name and contact information before sending it, and please test the CD to ensure that both it and your PDF are functional.

Digital Submission:
- If you wish to submit your files digitally, please compress your complete submission into one file before sending.
- Digital files may be submitted to this address:
- It is highly recommended that anyone submitting digitally contact the Inge Morath Foundation to directly confirm that your submission has been received. (Please do not contact Magnum.)

Submissions By Mail:
- Submissions may be sent on CD by mail to the postal address below.

Deadline: 30/04/12
Inge Morath Award
c/o Magnum Photos
151 West 25th Street, 5th Floor
NY 10001  New York

tel: (212) 684-4195
fax: (212) 684-0760

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