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Den filmového umění na téma jazyk je dům, kde žijeme

Düsseldorf, Německo Kunstfilmtag, Den filmového umění, vznikl v německém Düsseldorfu v roce 2007 jako projekt, který sbírá film a videa pro jednodenní akci. Rok 2012 je program filmového a video umění KustFilmTag zaměřen na téma jazyka, který je domem, v němž žijeme, language is the house we live in. Na toto téma je možno zasílat příspěvky do umělecko tématického programu v podobě short texts básní, esejí, věnovaných filmu a řeči. Možno je zasílat také ilustrace, obrazy aj. Uzávěrka pro zaslání tématických příspěvků je 1. srpna 2012. Uzávěrka pro zaslání filmových a video příspěvků do maximální  délky 12 minut je 10. listopadu 2012. 

The 2012 edition of the Kunstfilmtag Art Film Day lines up a programme of film and video art through which we will be face-to-face with language for a day.We have invited language to tell, via films, what manner of beast it is, what it could be, what it does and what it does not do, where it might be tarrying when we are lost for words, and where we might find it when we are in search of it  to tell us how it speaks; and whether it suffers when it is ravaged and ransacked for motives and tactics, put in the service of war or otherwise conscripted into all too human intent.

So we propose to spend a little time exploring this house in which we dwell. 

Is language a remembering, an act of recognition? Is it on hand as a quantity of concepts or terms, is it a game of signifiers, is it a trail we pursue? In the wake of the wholesale abolition of truth, we fumble for statementssomewhere at the crossroads of the Difference in Perception and the Scream of Experience. We seek our own bearings that might yet have something to say amidst the routine placing-at-option of the impossibly omnipossible.

And then we also see the language of objects, of images, of film  the latter with its multiplicity of materials such as music, speech, image, angle, montage, motion and time all interacting reciprocally to mirror the complex matter of the world we perceive. We can tell by virtue of the film how signs we see, and the expressions we hear, convey complex meanings.

In the act of their use, expressions, like film, are not the sole purveyors of content. In history, in its evaluation, its narratives, in culture and remembrance, in the location where language is spoken, in the voice, the speaker, in accent, intonation and text, we take soundings in the semantics of utterance. Every communication we might receive through, for example, visual media, television news included, derives from film. We enquire as to a deciphering of manners of speech which have substantiated their declarations even into becoming imperceptible convention. 

But we also hear, and see, languages of communication. And a language of literature, which expresses the inexpressible and is quite capable of rousing in us a resonant dumbfoundedness. Language that bids us in and receives us in its grand embrace. If language is the house we live in, the coming Kunstfilmtag is an opportunity to venture approaches to that house from many directions and to meet in it for a long, exciting and fruitful day.

susanne fasbender
translation: Stephen Reader

Deadline: 1.8.12
for the artistic-thematic programme sheet:

short texts
dedicated to language, to words
to lfilm and language
(s. Call 2012)
in relation or not to film entries
(illustration, image, .jpg, 3oo dpi is allowed)

can be submitted to:

Kunstfilmtag: November 10th,  2012

Deadline: August, 15th 2012
Length: max. 12 min. 
Year of production: No limit

if there is a problem with submission via reelport please take contact:

(26.06.2012) ZDROJ: KunstFilmTag
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